In Japan, the arrival of May is heralded by the appearance of flying fish: carp-shaped windsocks known as “Koinobori” flown in honor of Children’s Day or “Tango no Sekku” (originally Boy's Day) on May 5th. The carp is considered the strongest and most spirited of fish, because it fights its way upstream against strong currents. The tradition of flying Koinobori outside homes began as a way to honor the sons living within so that they would grow up healthy and courageous like a carp. Modern Koinobori are often available in sets that represent the entire family. Block printing, specifically wood block, also has deep roots in Japanese art.

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Feburary 17 – 10:30 to 3:00. What is a Mandala?

From the Sanskrit word that means “circle”, mandalas have been used for centuries by the Hindu and Buddhist religions, and more recently by various groups and individuals as a means of meditation or focus or relaxation. There are many ways to create a mandala, but most are

created using geometric and organic forms in a repetitive, balanced form to create a circle. Come in an learn basics for creating your own mandala. There will also be mandala images for coloring for younger artists.

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We are excited to host the Stillwater Farmers' Market every Saturday until March 31st. Please join us from 10am - 1pm

Stillwater Farmers' Market is a group of local farmers and producers dedicated to providing
customers with the freshest produce and products possible. They do this by
requiring that all produce and products sold at the market be grown or made in
Payne County or one of the surrounding counties. These include Logan, Lincoln,
Creek, Pawnee and Noble counties.

For more information visit them at