March 6 – April 12 . This class is designed for students to have an on-going experience in developing his or her artistic aptitude. They will begin or continue drawing skills, art history knowledge and be exposed to many new mediums and processes throughout the course. Whether your child has had an art class, is in an art class or never had the experience an art class this will meet his or her needs. They will receive expert hands-on art instruction, develop critical thinking skill and have lots of fun!

February 28th – March 21st. Wednesdays, 12:00pm - 3:00pm. Introduction to pottery, including the basics of hand building, throwing on the wheel and glazing. Students will complete at least 2 projects. (prerequisite for Adult Pottery and ceramics open studio)

 Friday-Saturday, March 9-10, 2018, 9-4 pm. Learn to create believable trees. We’ll learn about structure, parts of trees, foliage masses, tree shapes, values. We’ll work from life and from photos, and maybe en plein air, weather permitting. The main focus is on pastel painting, but the principles would apply to oils and acrylics, too. So, oil and acrylic painters are welcome, as well.

February 2 - February 23. Dive into mixed media and paper arts with this 4-week introduction to texture and color. Create your abstract design by experimenting with gorgeous papers, colorful inks, marvelous metallics, fabulous fibers, embossing powders, paints and other interesting media to create a small sculpture, book or wall art. All tools and materials will be supplied.

Feburary 17 – 10:30 to 3:00. What is a Mandala?

From the Sanskrit word that means “circle”, mandalas have been used for centuries by the Hindu and Buddhist religions, and more recently by various groups and individuals as a means of meditation or focus or relaxation. There are many ways to create a mandala, but most are

created using geometric and organic forms in a repetitive, balanced form to create a circle. Come in an learn basics for creating your own mandala. There will also be mandala images for coloring for younger artists.

January 20 – 10:30 to 3:00 Fauvism is for Birds!

This is a make and take for all ages, 4 to adult. Introduce to Fauvism (style of les Fauves (a French term that means “the wild beasts”) a group of early 20th century artists whose works were characterized by wild brush work and strident colors, while subject matter featured high degree of simplification and abstraction. Will create a wild bird feeder utilizing those elements.

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